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DuraLabel 9000 Extra Wide Format Label Printer

It does not get any bigger than this!

The DuraLabel 9000 large-format sign printer can print on self-adhesive vinyl up to 9” inches in width, letting you make immense and highly visible labels, including arc flash warnings, that help to ensure the safety of all employees in the workplace. Produce arc flash labels in industry-leading quality and in sizes unmatched by any competing printer using the variety of arc flash labeling supplies offered by DuraLabel.

Labeling Versatility: Not only can the DuraLabel 9000 print labels in outstanding large sizes, but its ability to print on a wide range of supply types and sizes makes it a versatile printer capable of producing pipe markers, bar code labels, door signs, and even reflective traffic control signs.

Connect the DuraLabel 9000 to your PC to access a library of templates and over 350 OSHA compliant graphics to create the exact sign or label that you desire. Use software you already know, including Microsoft Word and Excel, to conveniently produce labels the way that you want them.

DuraLabel 9000 Sign & Label Printer

The DuraLabel 9000 features an assortment of durable supplies including arc flash die-cut labels that meet or exceed all industry standards. The die-cut labels, featuring Super-Size 7 " x 10.5" labels, come pre-formatted to ensure that all of your arc flash labels are consistent with OSHA standards and are easy to understand by workers. The 9000 can also print arc flash labels on continuous vinyl tape as wide as 9” to provide more options for the size and design of the label as well as information included on the label. The picture to the right demonstrates the considerable difference in size and visibility between the Super-Size die-cut labels available for the DuraLabel 9000 and a more typically sized arc flash label.

DuraLabel Arc Flash Software

The DuraLabel 9000 comes with the specialized Arc Flash Software as part of the Industrial Labeling Suite specifically for designing, printing and organizing arc flash labels on your PC. Like all DuraLabel software, it's very user-friendly. Use the Industrial Labeling Suite or substitute it software you already know like Microsoft Word or Excel to create and store your own custom labels. You can also print labels directly from arc flash calculation software made by ESA, ETAP, and SKM.

Because it prints in clear 300 dpi resolution, The DuraLabel 9000 makes even the smallest text clear and legible. It prints at speeds up to 4” per second and is built with a rugged metal casing made to endure the harshest of work environments. Connect it with arc flash analysis software to provide proper assessment and marking of arc flash hazards.

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Other DuraLabel Printers

The DuraLabel 9000 applies its thermal-transfer technology to the same supplies and tapes as all DuraLabel printers and features the same software that includes an extensive database of arc flash labeling features. It is an ideal solution for large-scale arc flash labeling, but there are two other printers that may be more suitable for your arc-flash labeling needs, including:

  • The DuraLabel PRO 300 can handle a wide range of smaller jobs than the DuraLabel 9000, but in the same sparking 300 dpi. It can print arc flash labels up to 4" x 6" in size at speeds of up to 5 inches per second. It can also print panel markers and wire and cable labels to ensure maximum safety for all of your electrical equipment.

  • The DuraLabel 7000 is a powerful, wide-format label and sign printer built to handle large visual-communications tasks. It can create labels that are slightly smaller than the DuraLabel 9000, with the ability to print on supplies up to 7" in width. But it is still perfect for hazmat and waste labeling, as well as larger format arc flash labels.

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