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DuraLabel PRO 300

Create arc flash signs & labels with our best selling printer!

The DuraLabel PRO line of label and sign printers, manufactured by Graphic Products, Inc., provides industrial-grade results with industry-leading quality. These printers are ideally suited to printing arc flash warning labels, with a range of available arc flash labeling supplies and included templates and database software.

The DuraLabel PRO 300 is a top-of-the-line, professional-grade, thermal transfer sign and label printer that creates custom labels in compliance with industrial safety regulations. It combines crystal-clear 300 dpi resolution with a new high-speed processor to deliver attractive, professional labels at up to 3 inches per second. High resolution printing means that even small text is crisp and readable, so electrical workers don't have to guess about things like protection boundaries or PPE.

The DuraLabel PRO 300 labeler can print signs and labels for nearly any application up to 4 inches wide. It is built to withstand any industrial environment, and it prints on industrial-grade vinyl that is resistant to abrasion, fading, and peeling. Custom safety signs and labels can be quickly created in a professional quality specific to your facility.

Labeling Versatility: Because of the wide variety of supplies available, DuraLabel PRO printers are the most versatile printers available for making arc flash labels.

In addition to creating OSHA- and NFPA-compliant arc flash labels in a wide variety of styles and formats, DuraLabel printers are flexible enough to take on almost any labeling and sign-making task. From RTK hazardous-material labels and pipe markers wire wraps, DuraLabel printers provide a wide range of solutions for your facility's visual communication needs. Here are just a few examples:

  • Equipment and Machine Labels
  • Bin & Shelf Labels
  • Pipe Markers
  • Barcode Labels
  • RTK and Hazardous Material Labels
  • OSHA Compliant Safety Signs & Labels
  • Electrical Box Labels
  • Batch / Process Labels
  • Maintenance Labels and Signs
  • Rack and Warehouse Labels
  • Tool Crib Labels
  • Aisle Markers
  • Safety Labels & Signs
  • Wire and Cable Labels
  • Foreign Language Labels
  • Arc Flash Warnings
  • Valve Tags
  • Name Tents
  • Instrument and Transmitter Labels
  • Vehicle and Trailer Identification
  • Panel and Component Labels
  • Office Name Plates and Directional Signs
  • Parking Lot and Traffic Control Signs
  • Glow-In-The Dark Emergency Information Signs
  • Hazardous Materials Labels
  • Storage Identification

DuraLabel Arc Flash Software

Creating, storing, and organizing arc flash labels is easy with the DuraLabel PRO 300. Database software included with the printer tracks the information printed on each label(such as incident energy, protection boundaries, and PPE) so that replacing or updating labels is as simple as pressing a button. The DuraLabel also comes with a library containing hundreds of label templates and symbols to make designing your labels as simple as possible.

In addition to working with familiar programs like Microsoft WordTM and ExcelTM, the DuraLabel PRO 300 is compatible with a range of commercially-available arc flash analysis software such as ESA's EasyPower®. The results of a hazard analysis can be printed seamlessly to standardized arc flash labels, creating custom warnings for every device in a facility at the click of a mouse.

Other DuraLabel Printers

All DuraLabel printers use similar supplies and the same arc flash software as the DuraLabel PRO 300, and they all use the same thermal-transfer technology to deliver high-quality, durable arc flash labeling solutions. Two other printers that are suitable for arc-flash labeling include:

  • ** NO LONGER AVAILABLE **The DuraLabel 7000 was a powerful, wide-format label and sign printer built to handle the large visual-communications tasks that the DuraLabel PRO 300 cannot. It could print on tapes and supplies up to 7" in width and can make Super-Size 7" x 9.5" arc flash labels that are much more visible than the 4" x 6" labels that the DuraLabel PRO 300 produces.
  • The DuraLabel 9000 can print sizes unmatched by any of the other DuraLabel printers. It prints on self-adhesive vinyl up to 9" in width, producing signs that are pronounced and easy to read from a distance. This powerful wide-format label maker can print up to 4" per second on a variety of supplies including continuous vinyl, die-cut labels, and specialty material such as reflective, photoluminescent and low-temperature supplies.

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