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DuraLabel Arc Flash Labeling Supplies

Arc flash labels should be consistent throughout a facility to avoid confusion. However, not every facility has the same labeling needs. That's why we provide a range of arc flash labeling supply options for use with DuraLabel PRO printers.

Die-Cut Arc Flash Labels

Die-cut arc flash labels are custom-made to meet the most common arc-flash labeling requirements. These labels come in 4" x 6" and Super-Size 7 " x 10.5" and can be automatically formatted using DuraLabel arc flash label software or any standard word processor. Labels made using DuraLabel Arc Flash software contain all the information required by NFPA 70E 2012.

If you need to print on these super sized labels, a few great printer options include the DuraLabel 7000 and DuraLabel 9000, two heavy-duty wide format printers.

A number of options are available for die-cut labels:

  • Labels headers are available in either red-and-white DANGER or orange-and-black WARNING versions. These labels meet the design standards of ANSI Z535.4-2011.
  • Headers are available in English or Spanish. Orange headers are also available in French
  • Die-cut labels come either pre-formatted with pre-printed formatting lines to organize information, or blank for design flexibility

Die-cut labels are made of 2.0-mil self-adhesive vinyl, providing a minimal edge profile for long label life. Arc flash labels are chemical resistant, and come in rolls of 200 labels.

Super-Size Arc Flash Labels

Substantially increase the visibility of your workplace's arc flash labels with the Super-Size labels available for the DuraLabel 7000 and 9000. These labels are 7" by 10.5", made big to demand attention and be seen from longer distances. The picture to the right demonstrates the disparity of size and clarity between standard size labels and the
Super-Size labels.

Continuous-Roll Vinyl

Continuous-roll vinyl label stock provides flexibility in the design, format, and size of arc flash labels. Available in a variety of widths, colors, and thicknesses, these supplies offer a solution for just about any labeling need. All our vinyl is made of chemical and UV resistant industrial-grade materials for maximum durability.

Two-Color Vinyl

Two-color vinyl is white with a preprinted red or orange header area, providing a way to print color labels without the need to purchase multiple supplies. Labels can be printed to any desired width for design flexibility. Two-color vinyl is available in 150' rolls, with a variety of header depths.

Single-Color Vinyl

Choose single-color vinyl for maximum control of label design. Single-color vinyl comes in orange, red, white, and over 30 other colors. Tape widths from 1/2" to 11 " are available. Larger signs of any size can be created using tape for wide format labelers or by tiling multiple labels, allowing you to create highly visible labels for particularly hazardous areas. Headers can be created by layering labels of different colors.

Duralabel Supplies can also be used for a wide range of other labeling applications. Special-use vinyl is even available for unusual labeling requirements, including reflective or phosphorescent tape for low-light areas, tape optimized for use in low- or high-temperature areas, oil-resistant supplies, tamper-evident tape for security applications, and electro-static dissipative tape.

Fast, Quality, Cost-Effective Arc Flash Label Printing

DuraLabel PRO Arc Flash Labeling Package The DuraLabel PRO arc flash labeling package includes a DuraLabel PRO printer, labeling suppliers, and arc flash labeling database software that tracks your arc flash labels and ensures they include the required information.

Packages that include the wide format DuraLabel 7000 or DuraLabel 9000 printers are also available.

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