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Machine Labels

Written by Steve Stephenson

  • Machine labels provide safety information, operating procedures, verification of calibration and maintenance instructions. 
  • The most effective machine labels are custom machine labels. They provide specific information about the machine directly at the point where it is needed.
  • Custom labels are made using a DuraLabel custom label printer - the printer that saves you time and delivers long-lasting, superior quality machine labels.

Machine Labels For Safety

Danger - Disconnect MK-45 Power Before Cleaning This Press

Caution - Corrosive Material Use Type “E” PPE

Warning - Hot Surface Do Not Touch

Caution - Do Not Remove Conveyor Guard

Safety First - Keep Hands Out Of Bending Machine

These are just a few of the safety messages seen on machine labels. Safety messages that are specific to the machine are more effective in communicating the seriousness of the hazard. They identify the hazard and provide specific information about what action should be taken.

Lock Out / Tag Out Machine Labels

Warning - Lock Out WM892 Breaker Before Servicing Wrapping Machine

Remember - Lock Out All Power Sources

Caution - This Machine Has Three Power Sources (L67A, L67B and BP67C)

Lock out / Tag out includes more than the LOTO tags. Machine labels that remind people about the need for following LOTO procedures help ensure compliance. Labels that identify all points where LOTO is needed ensure machines are in a safe condition before maintenance work starts.

DuraLabel custom label printers are the printers that can quickly handle all of your LOTO labeling and tagging needs. With DuraLabel tough-tested supplies you'll get custom labels and tags that clearly deliver their important messages without fail. DuraLabel DuraTag stock is so tough that you can print a LOTO tag, punch a hole in the top, and hang the tag without a grommet. It's fast and easy.

Machine Labels - Machine Operations

Warning - Wash Hands After Taking Lubricant Samples

Caution - Preheat Dryer Before Starting Press

DuraLabel custom machine labels provide operating information right at the point where it is needed... on the machine. Ensure proper procedures are followed by providing start up, shut down, and emergency procedures using clear and permanent machine labels. Having a DuraLabel printer handy means you can quickly make both permanent and temporary labels and signs to provide operating information, instructions and even procedures to address temporary operating changes.

Machine Labels - Calibration and Maintenance

Notice: Check Lubrication Levels Before Starting Machine
Tested: Date ______  Initials ________
Tested For Electrical Safety:  By ________  Date ________
Oil Sample Point 2A

Machine labels for maintenance and calibration do everything from identifying sample points, showing that maintenance or calibration has taken place, and providing maintenance procedures. With over 50 types of supplies available, DuraLabel always has the right labeling supplies for the job. Embossible labels are available for permanently recording hand written information on calibration labels. Custom multicolor labels provide specific information using color to enhance communication. Oily surface labels can be permanently applied to oil covered surfaces. Whatever your labeling needs call 1-888-326-9244 today and speak with a DuraLabel representative.

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