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Arc Flash Explosion Video

Arc Flash pictures graphically show the power of an arc flash. The pictures in a video in particular, show what happens during an arc flash and the seriousness of the injuries.

As you'll see below, in many cases people who are injured by an arc flash were not wearing the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Having electrical equipment labeled and warning workers to use PPE is a critical part of arc flash safety.

This video shows two workers who are racking a breaker in a substation in Las Vegas. Both men survived.

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More Arc Flash Videos

Test Dummy Video

This video shows an arc flash test. The test dummy, representing a human worker, starts burning and must be put out using a fire extinguisher.
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Video in Slow Motion

A test in which an arc flash is filmed in ultra slow-motion. This gives a picture of how the heat and shock wave from an arc flash expands and engulfs most of the worker.
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No Protective Equipment

The two men in this video were fortunateSW to not be seriously injured. Neither was wearing appropriate PPE.
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The NEC and NFPA 70E both require warning labels on equipment that poses an arc flash hazard. These labels must include either the incident energy or the required PPE, but can include more information at the company's discretion. Establish a standard design for warning labels throughout a facility.

DuraLabel is the leading supplier of label printers suitable for marking arc flash labels.
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